Vision, missions, valeurs

Our vision

We believe a circular economic model based on the development and support of the balance between urbanization and revegetation.

It is spread out over the medium and long term:

Medium Term

Implement our business model in metropolitan Quebec areas and the Ottawa-Gatineau region by 2016.

Long Term

Provide worldwide leadership for the development of the urban forestry circular economy by 2025.


  1. Economic mission

    Develop and offer sustainable, profitable, optimal and ecological strategies to urban forestry managers. The establishment of local recycling and valorization solutions that are less demanding achieves this.

  2. Environmental mission

    Develop and provide for municipalities the innovative solutions of valorization and urban revegetation from wood waste generated from urban trees.

  3. Social mission

    Equip, develop and transfer the circular economic model of the value of urban trees and a viable quality of life in metropolitan regions.

Our values:

As American businessman Charles Koch says:  ‘’The purpose of business is to efficiently convert resources into products and services that make people's lives better’’

In addition to playing this role, at IAER Solutions, stakeholders, associates and staff members share a common corporate philosophy based on:

  • Initiative
  • Team Work
  • Efficiency
  • Responsibility

Engaging with our organization is accepting that each solution means a new challenge that only teamwork can overcome.

Team Work

The harmony of teamwork starts with controlled initiatives and is consolidated with effectiveness.


Well orchestrated teamwork and the passion for success generates a flourishing professional quality of life.


Responsibility is the compass of effectiveness: it generates sustainability, notoriety and self-esteem that bring respect to initiatives.

We believe that when this philosophy comes together, the satisfaction of the players and clients create a desirable eco-friendly environment

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