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Methods to reclaim wood generated from tree removals
  • Reclaiming felled trees
    Reclaiming felled trees
    All parts of the tree have the potential to be recycled. Taking this into account is environmentally responsible.
  • Local salvaging
    Local salvaging
    The loss of any tree has a negative impact on the environment and incurs costs for a manager. We can provide solutions to reduce planning and transport costs.
  • Waste material reclamation
    Waste material reclamation
    The tree and its wood are eternal companions! We put the wood from your trees at your service.
  • Economic reclamation
    Economic reclamation
    You don’t have the equipment of an industrialist or a woodworker.
    However, you have all the raw materials needed. We bring you closer.
  • Energy recovery
    Energy recovery
    Wood waste for biomass energy and reducing the energy related footprint.
  • Bio-ecological recovery
    Bio-ecological recovery
    Wood waste to create and protect urban revegetation. We develop specific solutions.

The volume of green waste from trees generated by insect attacks, disease and storm events is constantly increasing in municipalities. In many situations, green waste regularly ends up in landfills, is incinerated or is ground up. These disposal sites are commonly remote and outside urban areas.

A quick assessment shows these waste disposal practices can greatly increase greenhouse gas production, environmental impacts and management costs. In some cases, these practices can contribute to the spread of invasive insects.

The research and development division of IAER Solutions has the expertise to implement the circular economy of the urban tree to assure that solid green waste is subject to maximum recovery.

Our clients could therefore considerably reduce their environmental footprint.

We are the only company worldwide to develop a platform with 5 solutions to valorize all urban trees that have reached the end of their lifespan:

  1. Waste material reclamation, would lead to production of lumber.
  2. Biological reclamation would lead to the production of fertilizers and organic soil components.
  3. Economic reclamation would potentially create revenue from all components of felled trees.
  4. Energy reclamation would lead to the production of biological energy sources.
  5. Ecological reclamation would lead to flora enhancement and preservation.

The interesting feature of these solutions is they allow managers to reduce unnecessary operational costs resulting in strong economies of scale.

Our services

  • Project development for the valorization of green waste from felled trees.
  • Development of operational protocols
  • Management of reclamation operations (salvaging of green waste, recycling and standardization)
  • Packaging and storage of reclaimed products.
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