Notre perception de l’éco responsabilité

Our perception of environmental responsibility

After more than a decade of working in urban and community forestry, IAER Solutions Inc. founder, Patrice Gouné, has found that climate change, like poverty, share a common origin: the misuse of natural resources and the environment.

Willingness to reduce environmental impact in small or large communities starts with the creative modular process with sustainable economic values.

For the administrators and associates of IAER Solutions, improving vegetation management practices can provide important tools to help limit and decrease the impact on the environment.

Modeling the circular and green economy with vegetation in urban areas is a basic solution that helps fuse the vision and mission of our economic model.

This model has to bring ecological, environmental, social and economic values to each step of the management process.

Eco responsible aspects for our procedures

Our procedures are based on 5 main pillars that contribute to the reduction of impacts on the environment, on climate change and quality of life.

The 5 pillars are:

  • Safety and security
  • Operational optimization
  • Displacement of materials
  • Creating or preserving jobs
  • The flexibility of integration

Our services not only respond to needs but they create permanent conditions for improving management. These conditions are the core principles to maintain an urban forest capable providing a valuable quality of life for future generations.

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