Gestion durable de la foresterie urbaine
Sustainable urban forestry management
Gestion efficiente du cycle de vie de l’arbre urbain
  • Inventory and geolocation
    Inventory and geolocation
    Identify and map your trees for proper risk management,
    planning and optimization of management costs.
  • Digitalization of your tree data
    Digitalization of your tree data
    With one click you can access your tree history from anywhere at anytime.
  • Assessment of the management process
    Assessment of the management process
    A well-developed dashboard lays the groundwork for environmentally responsible management.
  • Recycle urban trees
    Recycle urban trees
    Recycling trees that have reached the end of their lifespan is economically viable and eco-responsible.
  • Environmentally responsible management
    Environmentally responsible management
    Each forest is unique, allowing you to become the architect of your management model. We can guide you.
  • Technical support services
    Technical support services
    Our services help you reduce your overhead costs while remaining efficient.

Thinking about urban development with the focus on using integrated valorization to preserve trees is at the heart of our concerns.

We provide agile, sustainable and personalized solutions for our clients.

Our experts work to develop:

  • Less costly and low environmental impact strategies for our clients.
  • Accessible monitoring and response tools.
  • Management solutions beneficial for managers, communities and the environment.

Our activities are focused on:

  • The study or evaluation of management processes to better prepare managers for the new challenges arising from climate change and invasive insect risk.
  • Implementation of a semi-mandatory or mandatory solid green waste recycling approach.
  • Geolocation, digitalization, hosting and data management (inventory and computerized database) of maintenance history and condition of trees.
  • Using technical services (data collection, data updating and green waste valorization) based on a sustainable development approach to strengthen the capability of managers.

These activities are adaptable to the requirements of policies, standards and regulations of all levels of government. In addition, they provide a more decisive, ecological and economic decision making criteria.

Our services

  • Studies and evaluations:
    • management diagnostics on urban forestry management
    • feasibility of solid green waste reclamation potential
    • feasibility of administrative eco responsible management
  • Preparation of contract specifications for environmentally responsible management
  • Inventory and digitalization of data
  • Hosting and updating of tree inventory data
  • Development of:
    •  the operational chain and determining recycling value
    • the local recycling and safe reclamation platform
    • a reclaimed products network
  • Additional services available on request.
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