Gestion agrile du frêne
Emerald ash borer (EAB)
and urban forest epidemics
  • Preventive planning
    Preventive planning
    Manage the threat in order keep the upper hand in the fight.
    We develop your strategy.
  • Planning the detection
    Planning the detection
    The better you know your trees, the better you can protect and preserve them.
    We customize your strategy.
  • Strategic treatments
    Strategic treatments
    Act now to resolve (use alleviate if talking about EAB) the situation and not defer the problem. We orchestrate sustainable solutions.
  • Coordination and response
    Coordination and response
    Superior coordination to manage economies of scale for operations.
    We create your dashboard.
  • Recycling and valorization
    Recycling and valorization
    Recycle to reduce pollution and financial costs with the help of the 5 solutions of valorization. Choose your solution now.
  • Replace your felled ash trees
    Replace your felled ash trees
    Apply innovation to reduce the impact.
    We innovate for you.

Our most elaborate work is on the emerald ash borer. Our approach integrates the global dynamic of managing the potentially high volumes of green waste generated from catastrophic events such as an EAB infestation.

The complexity related to early detection of the emerald ash borer requires the capacity to react quickly when tree preservation is a priority. This reality, among others, illustrates the complexity of coordinating activities in a given domain where most actions are generally independent.

Our intervention approach for the emerald ash borer infestation emphasizes the strategies of prevention, communication, action and planning.

This approach develops unique and adapted solutions to provide perspectives for valorizing more than 90% of the wood generated from felled trees.

Our experts believe that well coordinated planning, communication, detection, response and local salvaging will limit the spread of insects or their causal agents.

The harmonization of this thought is at the heart of our research and analysis of our clients needs. Imperatively, we monitor and keep up to date with ongoing research and current developments from Canadian and American government agencies.

Our experts work to develop specialized solutions specific to each situation in order to provide the right tools that lead to effective decisions.

Our services take into account the reality of each situation and provide modeled scenarios, always respecting the regulation requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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