The company

IAER Solutions is the first Canadian consulting firm to develop a circular economy and eco-responsible model based on urban plant resources.

We propose strategies and solutions aimed at supporting:

  • Cities and communities facing a loss of their urban forest, the proliferation of invasive insects, accelerated climate change, urban heat islands and pollution.
  • The optimization of management costs for trees lost to catastrophic events.
  • The recycling and diversification potential to create value from lost trees.

Being conscious of responsible environmental practices is the basis of our approach, and allows managers to control the preservation of the urban forest allowing for a better quality of life at an affordable cost.

In order to support the creation of an environmentally friendly quality of life, creativity and innovation have no limits in our eyes. Hence our slogan "The solution; if not, the innovation"

Our business strategy is based on proximity, networking and responsibility.

Welcome aboard the new generation of ecologically responsible businesses.

Our History

Fifteen years ago, the founder of IAER Solutions believed, and still believes that development and technology not only serve human quality of life but also the biological diversity of our living environment.

At the heart of this belief, he considers plants as the regulators of eco-friendly living.

Since 2011, university students supported by nationally and internationally renowned researchers have been working to develop ecological, profitable, and accessible solutions from an economic and climatic environmental perspective.

These solutions will profoundly improve the importance of the tree in sustainable development processes in our cities and communities.  The end-of-life of trees has to stop being a constant source of pollution. The process has to be transformed into a lever of revegetation adapted to an eco-friendly environment.

Our motivation was born from the desire to provide effective, sustainable and appropriate solutions for municipal managers, institutions, corporations and communities for an eco friendly quality of life with plants everywhere on the planet.

IAER Solutions Inc. succeeds in the present environment creating modern perspectives that take into account the fundamental complicity between biological diversity in the living environment and development constraints.


Our commitment is conveyed by the belief that resilience to climate change in our cities is directly linked to the ability to incorporate plants at all levels of urban development.

The less management constraints, the more this notion will be sustainable and sought after by stakeholders.

We are committed to work with government agencies, municipalities and communities to develop innovative and structured solutions to address this challenge.

We want to support managers and decision makers that face climate change, threats to plant potential, loss of quality of life or decline of the urban forest.

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