Éco Responsabilité avec les végétaux

Eco responsibility with plants

Eco-responsibility, within a public entity is an internal approach aimed at reducing both the socio-economic and environmental impacts generated by the entity’s operations and the management of its own heritage or the property it uses. ” [free translation] ”(Source : Réunion constituante du RREDD du 22 février 2011)

IAER Solutions enhances this definition by bringing strategies and perspectives created from new technology, new information and operational solutions conceived by our research and development division.

Our eco-responsible forecast consists of establishing a sustainable, prosperous and livable approach starting the vegetative resource.

The approach, inspired by and constructed based on the circular and green economic model, provides accessible innovative solutions for all levels of management.

The management of the quality of the environment is a collective matter. Therefore, the solutions should be developed in the same sense.

With our modular approach, we want to allow managers to plan the impact of their activities in order to reduce their environmental footprint. Furthermore, managers can react with diligence and agility when facing the consequences of climate change.

Our approach is devised and built to:

  • Increase the potential for sustainable revegetation
  • Take into account forest heritage management tools.
  • Harmonize the displacement and practices of local management.
  • Devise solutions to transform impacts into development sources, beneficial for the environment, biological diversity and the local economy.
Channels we can use:
  • Local forestry (urban or community)
  • Local agriculture (biological or soilless cultures)
  • Working to consolidate dynamics of product consumption of the urban and community vegetation economy.
To all active stakeholders in the these channels, we propose:
  • Well thought out management models to minimize environmental, energy and economic costs.
  • Optimize the management of plant resources that have reached the end of their lifespan.
  • Integral salvaging solutions to handle residual green waste.
  • Local platforms for procurement.
  • Ways to portray an environmentally and socially responsible image.

Our environmental footprint

As we grow our business, our challenge is to reduce our environmental impact. Our intervention strategies have been meticulously thought out to have a direct impact on business operations.

Our solutions, allow us (our clients and associates) to reduce our footprint while reaching an economy of scale.

They are developed to:
  • Reduce green house gas emissions (GHG) by limiting travel distances.
  • Improve energy efficiency by accentuating revegetation.
  • Reduce paper consumption by digitalizing data.
  • Reduce intensity of watering of urban trees and plants
  • Make our supply chain greener by promoting local consumption.
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