Corporations and associations

Corporations and associations

Alternatives for corporations and associations

You are a company that owns treed or forested properties;

Your trees become a symbol of your shift towards greener alternatives as well as your societal and environmental responsibility.

With IAER Solutions, you opt for the alternative that employs 4 environmentally responsible acts:

Act 1: You will now have the Tools to personalize your administrative and financial decisions in terms of the management of your urban forest.

Act 2: Our solutions optimize transport costs by targeting local markets.

Act 3: All your trees lost to storm events can be given the second life of your choice (reuse, distribute, donate or market).

Act 4: The replacement of felled trees with the approach of the right tree in the right place is environmentally responsible and enhances your community image.

Data management, planning, recycling and salvaging of green residues

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